Earth Walls
300mm thick solid walls.
Approx $350 - $500 m2
400mm/450mm thick insulated walls.
Approx $450 - $600 m2
Price will vary on technicality of project and location. We are Hobart based.
Jobs outside our region we need to account for Accommodation and living expenses.
Our detailed engineered drawings are  available, as part of our service, to aid your architect or draftsmen. This will help them to  document the system correctly, to Australian standards.

Unique Earth offers the folowing earth products and services

Feature walls and fireplaces
Feature wall from $5900.
One wall 4m long x 3m high
x 300mm thick
Fireplace wall from $8900
2m long x 3.6m high x 1m wide 
Walls can be tailored to a wide range of designs and concepts.