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Barry Duggan Alchera Builders.
I contracted Andy from Unique Earth to build some house walls for a project in Tranmere. I found Andy to be a good and professional rammed earth builder. He has a good eye for quality and detail. I also found Andy easy to communicate with and reliable to relate to. Unique Earth achieved a high quality of finish in an efficient manner.
Brad Harris South Hobart
Of all the features in our house, the rammed earth walls draw the most comment. Everybody loves them and can't help but run their hands over the surface. They're also the main reason for the house's thermal comfort. They're my favourite part of the house.
Lucy & Ross, Surges bay
On the chilliest of mornings in the midst of winter, we relied on the pre dawn punctuality of Andy & his team. They never disappointed, despite the darkness and cold.
Because of Unique Earth's reliability, we placed our trust in Andy's hands, which enabled him to create something absolutely beautiful.
With Andy's great eye for detail, and with impressive ability to work with precision, Unique Earth created a masterpiece that not only left our guests ogling, but also created a beautiful and functional home.
Thanks Andy

Lain & Belinda Law, Eagles Rest Freycinet

After giving great thought to the various textures we would like to incorporate in our property, on the Freycinet peninsula, we decided to specify  rammed earth to  create a warm atmosphere in winter, and cool in summer. The material ticks all the boxes. As an internal feature in our studios, the rammed earth is of great interest to our guests.
We are extremely happy that we chose Unique Earth to build our walls. Andy and his team were a pleasure to work with, and they  completed the job efficiently and to an extremely high standard on time.


Grant & Cassie, Stanley

We had Andy from Unique Earth build our rammed earth walls in Jan 2012. We found Andy to be extremely professional and understanding through the whole experience, from the first quote, to the end of the build and beyond.

Andy helped us to express our creativity into the walls, and was a delight to work with.

It was a privilege to have such a dedicated and passionate family man, to lead us through the build.

Our walls are built of earth, they breathe the integrity, the honesty, and the humour of an extraordinary young man.

We thank Andy for bringing to our home something so rare in the world today, the essence of a master craftsman.


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